Why should we all start programming?

Last time I saw a video of why every kid should start programming and it made me think why I started doing so. We are currently in a modern world, where everything has to do with programming… from smartphones, TVs to medical equipment and even in the world of agriculture. I started to code, because since I was a kid, I was always into games and computers, fascinated of what I was seeing. I started to code about 4 years ago and I liked the challenges, the joy I had when I finished my first programming homework.

As it is mentioned in the video, the computer is the dumbest thing we have invented and we can make it do amazing stuff. Everything can be programmed.
Any idea can be transferred to code, no matter what the kind of idea. There is something beautiful of programming, we build software that can help people solve their problems, simplify lives, and the only thing that limit us (apart from the hardware, hehe) is our own imagination.
Let me put an example: games. Who doesn’t love games? Personally, I prefer those who have a story. If you notice those games like Uncharted, Skyrim, Half life 2, Legend of Zelda, etc., the previous ones are story-full games, there are others that are based on books. Anyways, the purpose of this example is that when we create a game, when we design it, we choose to make it as we imagine it. Of course it is a difficult track, but challenges is what makes some stuff interesting, that keeps us entertained.

Here is the link to the video I watched:

If you are currently coding, stop for a minute and remember why you started to do so, think of all what you have done or aspire to do so and continue working toward that goal. And for those who are afraid of coding or having any kind of difficulty starting to do so. I encourage you to to continue doing so, it is a beautiful path to go for and of course, it is very entertaining and rewarding. Take the challenge!